Destination & Travel Theme Weddings

Are you getting married abroad? or Do you love to travel? 

At By Invitationly we have specialised in travel weddings creating quirky invitations including Passports, Postcards, Air Mail, Boarding Passes, Luggage Tags and more. Over the years we have designed thousands of wedding passports for almost all countries (if we haven’t created the country you're looking for don’t worry we can design this for you at no extra cost). We can also design your invitations in any theme or colour. 

When should I send out our invitations for my destination wedding?

We recommend that you send your invitations out as soon as possible. This allows your guests lots of notice so they can save for flights and accommodation. It is never too early to send out an invitation or save the date for a travel wedding.

Are Wedding Passport Invitations only for weddings abroad?

Of course not. Travel is a very popular theme for weddings. We  have lots of couples who are not getting married abroad choosing wedding passports and travel invitations for their wedding. Our passport invitations are for any type of wedding and they can be fully customised to your requirements.

I have lots of information to include how do you recommend I do this?

Destination weddings often require a lot of information. This can include pre & post wedding celebrations, location information, accommodation details and relevant information to the country of your wedding e.g travel tips & sight seeing ideas etc. With our Passport invitations we can include pages which can hold all of this information. We can also create inserts designed as boarding passes & luggage tags as well. 

Can you design matching invitations for our wedding celebrations when we return home?

Yes. Most couples who get married abroad will have a celebration of their wedding when they return home. We can design invitations to complement your travel theme. One of our favourite ideas is to create postcards to look as if they have come from the destination of your wedding. 

Can you create matching on the day items?

Yes. We can create all items of stationery for you. Including table plans, place cards, table names, menus, order of services, fans, favours and much more. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Will my destination wedding be legal?

You'll need to check the details of marriage ceremony under local law. Each country has a different rules when it comes to getting married. In many places, it can be difficult to have a legal ceremony unless you are resident for a number of weeks or months. In this case, the norm is to have a legal ceremony at home and a symbolic blessing on the day. In other countries, religious ceremonies are possible for members of that faith. Some countries will also require certain documents to prove that you are single and there are no objections to your marriage. Best thing to do: check all the law before you decide on a certain location.

Should I get a Wedding Planner?

Try and take the stress out of your wedding by hiring a local wedding planner. These will help with all the tips and tricks for a smooth destination wedding. Your venue will be able to recommend you a perfect wedding planner. We’ve found that lots of hotels have in-house wedding planners which makes it even easier for you to plan you perfect wedding abroad. 

Do you want a free & personalised invitation sample?

You can request a free and personalised sample of our wedding passports by clicking here. If you want something bespoke get in touch via email or call into our studio and we can get the ball rolling.

I look forward to hearing all about your destination or travel themed wedding. Thank you for reading my blog  David x 

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